As IT stands for Infomation technology, it is the fastest growing industry all around the world.It is the system administrator’s role to set up an environment for interdependence of computers in a company or organization. An system administrator can work in an office or at home connecting remotely. It is a essential duty of system admins to planning the whole structure of the network in an organization based on their needs. And setting up the systems and configuring the hardware and software resources. The last but not the least is maintaining and monitoring the whole network. The system admin should also manage the security of the system so that no vital treats can cause damage to the system.

              I truly believe that the role of system administrator is a most important one. He should be innovative as do the software engineers. He should possess troubleshooting skills, knowledge of technologies that is changing the world today. He has to do basic task of setting up a network eg. LAN or the local area network to connect the local computer as workgroups or domain and routing it to the internet securely by adding security hardware such as firewall or a proxy as a gateway. He could also manage policy to secure and restrict rights. He overall manage how a system works !! 

              The basic and fundamental duties of a system administrator should be:-

  1. managing local network eg: ethernet, ATM, etc
  2. managing security by applying policy and configuring firewall
  3. implementing efficient functionality of servers and client machines
  4. Backing up and restoring of important data of an organisation
  5. troubleshooting of different technical problems
  6. monitoring of system by routine checking of system log
  7. implementing remote access to clients working away from office