Linux  is an Operating System that have been successfully developed in years and proved to be good and reliable system. The Linux

systems have been used as an OS in vast and huge systems. Its various distro has different flavors for different uses. I have pointed

out few but useful basic commands that can help newcomers to learn and use the Linux Operating System.

Firstly, the common linux distributions are:-

1. Mint

2. Ubuntu

3. Red Hat

4. Fedora

5. Cent OS

6. Open Suse

7. Arch Linux

8. Free BSD


The commands are as follows….

initially, we have to know that

# : Denotes the super(root) user

$ : Denotes the normal user


1. cp

        To copy files

2. mv

        To move files. The original file will be removed.

3. cd

        To change directory

4. dh

        Show the amount of disk space used on each mounted file system

5. logout

            Logs the current user off the system.

6. ls

         List files

7. pwd

         Show the name of the current working directory

8. shutdown

         Shuts the system down

9. locate

         to find a file

10. date

         Display the current date and time

11. mkdir

        To create a directory

12. rmdir

        To remove or delate a directory or folder

13. chown

       To change the file owner or group

14. chmod

       To change the file permission

15. clear

       Clears the terminal screen

16. reboot

       Reboots the system

17. rm

      Delete the file

18. adduser

       to create a new user

19. passwd

      to create a new password

20. whoami

      Display the current user logged in

21. exit

      Exit the terminal

22. su

      log in as a root user

23. hostname

     Display the system name

24. ifconfig

     Display the network configuration

25. ping

    Check if the target machine is reachable

26. uname –a

     display the general system information


Tune in for more of the Linux materials !!!