As Windows Operating System is known for its rich GUI, the Windows System has also rich commands that can make

user easy to interact with the system. It may be not powerful or vast has the Linux commands, but the basic knowledge

would provide you with basic troubleshooting skills. I will be talking about basic MS-DOS commands.

1. dir

               List the content of the directory

2. hostname

               Display the system name

3. cd

              changing directories or folder

4. ipconfig

               Display the network configuration like ip address, subnet mask, gateway, other

5. copy

              Copy one or more files to other location

6. date

             Display the date and time

7. del

            delete one or more files

8. mem

             Display the memory on the system

9. nslookup

            Display the ip adddress of the domain or the host on the network

10. rem

           rename the specific file or folder

11. shutdown

          Shutdown the system from Dos prompt

12. ver

        Display the version of the windows system

13. format

       To delete all the data form the specific drive