ADSL Modem (CPE) Configuration

After Purchasing CPE (ADSL 2+ modem), Client are requested go through its manual thoroughly.
Browse the web management page of your ADSL modem. For example if your modem management interface IP Address is
Enter in your web browser.
Provide admin username and password of your modem
(Note: customers are extremely encouraged to go through their Modem/CPE manual to get information like IP address, Admin username and Password).
If you have problem with your ADSL login username and password, contact Internet Section, phone: 5010722, 5010726
Generally, Modem/CPE can be used in Routing Mode or Bridge Mode.

1. Routing Mode

In this mode, modem/cpe dials with username and password provided by NT. You have to explicitly provide username and password to your modem configuration. In this mode same Modem/CPE can be used to share internet connection to multiple computers.
Configuration Parameters for Routing Mode
VPI — 8
VCI — 81
encapsulation — PPPOE/LLC
Authentication — Auto
Username — Provided by NT
Password — Provided by NT
Providing these information should establish connection between CPE and DSLAM
Rx/Tx counters should start to increase
Note: One does not need to create a dial up or dial while using routing mode. Modem will dial itself.

2. Bridge Mode

In this mode your computer dials with username and password provided by NT. This mode is mainly used to connect internet for a single computer.
Configuration Parameters for Bridge Mode
Select Bridge Mode
Encapsulation — LLC
VPI — 8
VCI — 81
Authentication — Auto
Configuration for XP

· Go to network connection wizard window

· Choose Make Internet dialup connection

· Choose manual option

· Choose xdsl PPPoe service

· Provide service name

· Username – provided by NT

· Password – provided by NT

Now dial with the account created, You will be surfing NT High Speed Internet
For windows 2000 and Windows 98,
download & Install PPPoE Client Software