I had an issue which cost me couple of hours to just install a share printer in windows xp to windows 7. This is a common problem and with these step, you can easily print with your windows 7 PCs or laptops to the printer installed in a windows xp PCs.

1. First, install your printer in widows xp and make sure that printer is shared for the network.

2. For our windows 7 PCs, Open Devices and printers and click Add a printer.


3.Select add a local printers and choose create a new port


   type of port should be local port


4.   Enter a port name box will appear type the path of the shared printer. In my case it is  \\\user-pc

5. Now choose the printer driver from the list or download the latest driver for the printer and choose Have Disk. Note that if you printer is a little older, it’s a good idea to download the Windows 7 driver for the printer and click Have Disk.


6. Now, Windows 7 will load the driver and you’ll be able to print to the XP machine from Windows 7.