Here are the steps to configure mail setting in bamboo to enable notification to bamboo users.                           

1. stop bamboo service
2. Ensure that the files mail-X.X.jar and activation-X.X.jar exist only in the BambooInstall/lib folder.
You can move those installed at <Bamboo-Install>/atlassian-bamboo/WEB-INF/lib to apache-tomcat-xxx/lib if
they don’t exist there yet. If they are already there, you can delete those shipped with Bamboo.
3. Configure Bamboo to use a JNDI Location of  java:comp/env/mail/GmailSmtpServer.
Note that the JNDI Location is case sensitive and must match the resource name specified in server.xml.
4. start the bamboo service

Now click on mail setting in setting of bamboo from browser and fill in the required fields.


In from address, type the mail address which will send bamboo mail to its bamboo users and subject prefix will have the subject heading of the notification mail. You can also test the mail setting is working correctly or not by just typing a mail address under test email configuration setting and you will get the result disabled below. Enjoy technology Computer