• Open VMware VSphere client and login to the VMware ESXI server
  • Right click specific VM and click guest and install/Upgrade VMware tools. This will load the vmware tool in your virtual cd rom
  • mount your cd rom to you Ubuntu directory

       #sudo mount /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom

       Note: if  /media/cdrom is not created, create one with #sudo mkdir -p /media/cdrom

  • got to the directory with  #cd /media/cdrom
  • copy the package to temporary folder with #sudo cp VM*.tar.gz /tmp
  • unmount the iso package with #sudo umount /media/cdrom
  • go to the temp folder with #cd /tmp
  • extract the package  with #sudo tar xzvf VM*.tar.gz
  • enter into vmware-tools-distrib directory with #cd vmware-tools-distrib
  • run the installer script with #sudo ./vmware-install.pl –d
  • At last restart  your system  with #sudo reboot

    Now you have successfully installed VMware tools in your virtual Ubuntu Operating system SmileSmileSmile