Today, I will show you some for commands that will be usefull whle using linux teminal.

shutdown $sudo poweroff
#shutdown –h now
restart $sudo reboot
#shutdown –r now
view a file $cat filename
edit a file $vi filename
press i to edit
press Esc to escape edit option 
:wq to save and quit the file
to display line in file $vi filename
: set number
display network setting $ifconfig
$ifconfig all
to view manual for a command $man command
eg: $man ifconfig
list all the files and directories $ls
path of present working directory $pwd
list block devices $lsblk
display machine detail $uname
list of command executed $history
make a directory $mkdir directory_name
display calender $cal
display $date
copy a file $cp sourcefile targetfile
move a file $cp sourcefile targetfile
remove a file $rm filename
mount any data media eg:  $mount /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom
list of process $ps
end a process $kill process_ID
testing the basic functionality of TCP/IP networks $ping
cleans up the visible area of the console $clear
login to remote host $ssh –l username hostname/IPaddress
$ ssh username@hostname/ipaddress
connect to ftp site ftp ipaddress/hostname

More on next tutorials….. !!