MDaemon Messaging server is an email server software for windows which supports IMAP,POP,SMTP and ActiveSync protocols. It is easy to install and gives solid performance from its feature and user friendly design.

It consists for

  • WorldClient (web based emal)
  • Mdaemon remote administration
  • Worldclient Messenger
  • Microsoft outlook connector

Here, I bring you a blog which will guide you through installing Mdaemon application and hosting WorldClient in IIS 7

1. First, you need to download Mdaemon from here. I have download the pro version and will install it as a trial version because its just for testing.

2. Now, start the installation by double clicking the downloaded exe file. The welcome info appears, click next to proceed.


3. Accept the license agreement by clicking I Agree


4. Select the installation directory or leave it default which is C:\MDaemon


5. Enter your license key or proceed as a trial version, if its just for testing


6. Enter the details of the organization this mail server represents


7. Now click on next to proceed to instalaltion


8. Setup will copy and install the MDaemon


9. Setup first mail account with administrative privileges. Please read the guidelines for password minimum requirement


10. Setup the domain name and IMAP/POP hostname


11. Enable the auto starting system service by just clicking to tick and click next


12. now start Mdaemon and click on finish


13. The Mdaemon messenger server is now installed and the console looks like below snapshot


14. Now to setup WorldCient, open your web service (For windows its Internet Information Service IIS)

15. Right click on sites and click on Add Web site.

16. Enter the details, site name, physical path of Mdaemon worldclient web folder, and the hostname, port and protocol of your choose or requirement


17. Open up the Handler Mapping and click on edit feature permission and click read, script and execute permissions.


18. Now, edit the module mapping with requested path= WorldClient.dll and executalbe = pathpofMdaemon\WorldClient\HTML\WorldClient.dll and click OK.


19. Click yes to confirm


20. In application pool, select the app pool and click on advanced setting and change the enable 32 Bit applications to true and Identity to NetworkService.


21. Now the WorldClient configuration is complete and you can loggin by using your mail ID created initially while installing MDaemon.


22. After logging in, you can view your mail box that looks same as below


Now, Mdaemon messaging server and WorldClient is successfully installed in Windows Operating System