It’s a huge headache when we forget password of our windows machine, but there is a easy way to reset it without any software required. The only prerequisite is a DVD of Windows Server 2008 or which ever Windows Operating System we are using. Following are the easy steps to reset the password of Administrator account.

1. Boot with the Windows boot DVD.

2. Click on Repair your computer.

3. Select on the command prompt to open the command prompt windows.

4. Rename the Utilman.exe to any other name like

    MOVE C:\Windows\System32\Utilman.exe C:\Windows\System32\Utilman.exe.bak

5. Now copy the cmd.exe file and rename it to Utilman.exe

    COPY C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe C:\Windows\System32\Utilman.exe

6. Reboot the system

7. click on easy of access icon that will open up your command console.

8. Now, change your password of administrator by typing the following command

net user administrator *

note: it will will asked to set a new password and then confirm it

9. Once logged in again don’t forget to delete Utilman.exe and then rename Utilman.exe.bak back to plain old Utilman.exe.